President's Message

Dear Fellow Members,

It is with great pleasure that I would like to share the good news that we have a new board appointed for the Dubai chapter for the year 2022-23. I am confident and proud to understand that the new board is very dynamic and diverse in terms of talent and culture. This truly depicts the nature of IMA as a global body of accountants.

We are here today in a much free world after the tough times due to the pandemic restrictions which made physical events less feasible.

Moving forward, the board is hoping to roll out several activities and learning programs to make the chapter vibrant with a mixture of in-person and virtual events.

Board members in the past, with the support of IMA Middle East, have built a robust platform for our members to grow through continuous learning and networking. Hence, we have a good fundamental base and structure to execute an event.

I would like to extend my sincere gratitude to all of them on behalf of the current board for their exemplary endeavours in the past.

Undoubtedly, we would all agree to the fact that having a global qualification like CMA certainly would advance a career to an extent, however, the accountants of today's world need to further strep-up to acquire excellent communication, and networking skills and be updated about the macro and micro economic changes. Chapter events and activities will enhance our capabilities to face the challenges of today's world. Today our responsibility as board members is to ensure that you get enough education to grab the opportunities to be relevant in your organization and on another side it’s also your responsibility to make an impact in your organization as a CMA.

Another but most important aspect where a management accountant can add value is to help the organization they work for in the decision-making process, the simple reason that in many organizations commercial persons are decision-makers is because of the information they gather to execute their job itself is a great learning and their requirement to network among peer groups to develop their business is pertinent for their existence and their growth. Accountants historically did not need these skills to survive and this was the reason many of us believed that it’s not an important skill, however, the management accountants of today need the ability to foresee the impacts of the stock markets, economic decisions of dominant nations and geopolitical tensions that can influence their organization's performance and we here in IMA helps you to pursue your continuing education with the most relevant topic of today and build your knowledge and persona to be valuable in your organization.

It’s time for us to sit back and think that what will help us to be recognized as decision-makers in our organization where robotics, automation, and AI would replace our current job profiles in the future? Do I have the potential to be a true leader in my Job to make the most appropriate decisions and be prepared to embrace the impacts of the extremely turbulent economic environment of the future?

We here in IMA will help you to sharpen your saws with events and activities in the chapter to be prepared for tomorrow's business world.

Another important aspect of today's leadership is a phenomenon not known to many which is called servant leadership, servant leadership points to the importance of setting an example as a leader by showing or teaching our colleagues and associates to execute a task without expecting anything in return and build them as leaders. Be a leader by setting an example.

Volunteering in IMA is an ingredient that helps you to be the servant leaders of tomorrow that build your interpersonal skills. I would strongly urge if one of you is ready to volunteer please raise your hands and contact the chapter.

We wish you an excellent year ahead to navigate your career through our chapter and look forward to seeing you all for the chapter events.

For IMA Dubai-UAE Chapter Board
Bobby Paul


  President, IMA Dubai-UAE Chapter