President's Message

Dear Member,

Welcome to IMA Dubai-UAE Chapter!

On behalf of the new board, I would like to welcome you to IMA Dubai-UAE Chapters’ website!

The previous board has carried out many fantastic activities in the past year and has earned laurels and accolades from IMA. I would like to thank the outgoing board for their stellar service to the members and the growth of the profession in the region.

None of the success and recognition that the chapter has earned would have been possible without the support and active participation of you, our members. We would like to take their initiatives forward and lead the chapter to even greater heights to the benefit of our members.

We have a few stalwarts who are part of the board as well as some fresh blood in order to fulfil the aspiration and add value to the members of the Dubai Chapter. In order to serve and meet the high expectations of our members, we will be conducting a survey in order for us to understand your needs and expectations. I urge you to participate whole-heartedly and give us your feedback on your expectations from the chapter. Based on the feedback received, we will plan our activities and event calendar for the year and shall share this with you.   

It is my honor to lead the Board of the IMA Dubai Chapter and I would like to introduce you to the team for our Chapter Year 2021/2022.

List of Chapter Board Members for 2021-2022:

  1. President: Eugene D’Souza (CMA)
  2. Secretary: Ashok Mewani (CMA)
  3. Treasurer: Jayashree Keni (CMA)
  4. VP of Membership: Jean Charles (JC) Hut
  5. VP of Prof. Education: Tamil Selvan Ramadoss (CMA,CSCA)
  6. VP of Administration: Imran Husain (CMA,CSCA)
  7. VP of Communications: Thomas L. Padua (CMA)
  8. Webmaster: Glen Lester
  9. Director: Cagri Yazi (CMA)
  10. Director: Imran Sayed (CMA)

We are always looking for new ways of doing things and fresh ideas on how to take things forward. Please feel free to contact us for more information and suggestions. We also encourage contributing your time and effort towards the activities of the chapter by becoming volunteers in your areas of expertise or if you would like to sharpen and grow your skillset.

We look forward to an exciting year ahead where we help each other to grow and thrive as CMA professionals.

For IMA Dubai-UAE Chapter Board
Eugene D’Souza


Eugene D’Souza

President, IMA Dubai-UAE Chapter