President's Message

Dear Fellow Members,

I’m both honored and privileged by your faith in me to serve the IMA Dubai Chapter as the President for the year 2024.

The Chapter over the years has seen an increase in participation and has maintained relevancy within the region by delivering several technical sessions that have helped the members in their career. This culminated last year by globally being recognized as a Gold Awarded Chapter.

I believe the chapter and its board have not found our pinnacle yet, but we have a lot more that we can accomplish together for the benefit of the larger member base.

My moto in life has always been to strive to think and speak positive and avoid negative or destructive words. The choice to speak positive words can change one’s reality, as words have the power to give life to your thoughts. As without words our thoughts can never manifest into reality and thoughts have the ability to influence what we create in our lives. We are trained to react to the natural what we see, but I encourage you today to go beyond the natural, think beyond your limitations!

At this point I would like to give a huge shout out to our previous board members especially Bobby Paul who followed that sentiment to the T and successfully conducted one of the best flagship events in the region for finance, Finance Excellence and Leadership Summit 2023.

In the coming months, we plan to continue to explore the needs of our members in adapting to the changes in the region. Let me assure you that we at the IMA Dubai Chapter make it our utmost priority to serve you to the best of our capacity and ensure we have exciting networking events, leadership training, mentorship initiatives and community service programs that will support shape our members to be business leaders and as relevant professionals in today’s marketplace.

Look forward to meeting you soon! 


Esther Alexander

President (2024-25)

IMA Dubai Chapter

Esther Alexander, CPA, CMA, CSCA

President, IMA Dubai-UAE Chapter