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In the IMA Dubai Chapter, we strive to serve all the accountants and financial professionals in the UAE generally and in Dubai specifically. Our goal is to keep the members updated with essential business knowledge and raise their skills through organizing and sponsoring professional education events. We also raise the awareness of the CMA certification program and its added value to accountants and financial professionals. This leads to the improvement of the profession, decision making, business outcomes, and therefore contributes to the improvement of the whole economy.

We volunteer our effort and time to make quality knowledge affordable to all our members. If you believe in our goals and want to contribute to our success, I highly encourage you to volunteer with us as we always look for your support. We welcome all ideas and comments that can serve our mission and achieve our goals. Feel free to reach out to me through president@imadubaichapter.org

Karim Abdelhay
IMA Dubai – UAE Chapter

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IMA has announced the results of the 2012-2013 Chapters' Competition and Dubai Chapter has won First Place for the Stevenson Division for the second year in a row!

Dubai Chapter was announced the recipient of the 2012-2013 International Division First Place ICMA Board of Regents Chapter Award among International Chapters for the fifth consecutive year! 

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IMA - Vision Statement

The world's leading association for management accounting and finance professionals.

IMA - Statement of Mission

To provide a dynamic forum for management accounting and finance professionals to develop and advance their careers through certification, research and practice development, education, networking, and the advocacy of the highest ethical and professional practices.

What do we mean by “Management Accounting” ?

Management accounting is the internal business building role of accounting and finance professionals who work inside organizations. These professionals are involved in designing and evaluating business processes, budgeting and forecasting, implementing and monitoring internal controls, and analyzing, synthesizing, and aggregating information—to help drive economic value.

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